A Green Deal for Sustainable Resources – WRF 2021 Conference Report

A Green Deal for Sustainable Resources – WRF 2021 Conference Report 

Authors: Emanuele Di Francesco, Mathias Schluep, Fabian Ottiger

Publication date: May 2022


On October 12-14 2021, we welcomed over 950 international participants for a three-day  WRF2021 Conference, with activities taking place in Ghana, Switzerland and online. As the first WRF conference on African soil, WRF2021 has enabled to put the perspectives, challenges and solutions of African people at the core of a global, multi-stakeholder dialogue for the sustainable management of natural resources. WRF2021 was co-hosted by Switzerland and the Republic of Ghana and was officially opened by high-level Ministerial Speeches by Ms. Simonetta Sommaruga, Swiss Federal Councillor, and Dr. Kwaku Afriyie, Minister of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation of the Republic of Ghana.

The programme was composed of 8 plenary panel debates, 15 workshops organised by international institutions, and 16 scientific sessions with 88 presentations. During the conference, stakeholders from policy, science, business, UN organisations, finance and civil society discussed the pivotal role that the management of natural resources plays in the global transition towards low-carbon and resilient economies. By focusing on the three topic streams of primary resources, secondary resources and circular economy, participants focused on technical, environmental, economic and social issues that arise along the entire value chain of natural resources.

The report provides a snapshot of WRF2021, with an overview of the main takeaways from the discussions at the conference and a summary of all panel debates and workshops.