Last Copies of “NATURAL RESOURCES – Sustainable Targets, Technologies, Lifestyles and Governance” now for Sale

St. Gallen, 30 August 2016 The last remaining printed copies of the 350 page book “NATURAL RESOURCES – Sustainable Targets, Technologies, Lifestyles and Governance” are now being sold. This book presents the best papers of WRF 2013, held in Davos, Switzerland (October 6-9), and WRF 2014, held in Arequipa, Peru (October 19-22). In both conferences many high quality scientific presentations have contributed to the discussions. After an evaluation, the best papers have been selected and authors were invited in Spring 2015 to update and resubmit a revised version to be considered in this book.

The sustainable management of natural resources is a key factor for the further prosperous development of mankind. This book presents papers on targets, methods, indicators and benchmarks (Part I), in the areas resources efficiency for materials and goods, energy efficiency, climate change and food footprint. Part II is dedicated to papers on technological innovations, business and finance. Reducing the impact on climate change is discussed, as well as implementing renewable energy, preserving land resources, and valorizing wastes and byproducts. In Part III the book presents papers on social transition, responsibility as well as awareness raising and education. Part IV deals with circular economy, decoupling, governance and political decision-making.

Editors: Christian Ludwig (Paul Scherrer Institute, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne and WRF Scientific Committee Chair), Cecilia Matasci and Xaver Edelmann (WRF).

If you are interested in buying the printed copy of this publication (EUR 35.- + shipping costs), please contact the Word Resources Forum Secretariat: The book can also be downloaded for free (PDF) from our library.

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Natural Resources, Sustainable Targets, Technologies, Lifestyles and Governance