Towards a Public Innovation Compass


Towards a Public Innovation Compass

Workshop at the World Resources Forum in Geneva 23rd October 2019, 12:30 – 2:00 pm

The workshop objective is to

    • outline the need for public innovation: strengthen the public sector to face, actively support and take a lead in transitions linked to the present great societal challenges.
    • show current developments: public innovation labs, units and teams or as research shows – individuals – are moving projects forward that establish new competencies and capacities in environments that are otherwise hierarchical and rigid.
    • develop a theory of change: based on your experience and expertise, we will consider desirable futures for the public sector, ways to get there and tools, such as a compass, that help us to stay on course.

The workshop will feature expert talks from:
Lene Krogh Jeppesen, Senior Consultant, Center Offentlig Innovation, Denmark Angela Hanson, Senior Consultant, Observatory for Public Sector Innovation, OECD.

Lene Krogh Jeppesen, Center for Offentlig Innova2on (COI), Denmark and Angela Hanson, Organisa2on for Economic Coopera2on and Development (OECD), Paris will join by Skype.

The workshop is facilitated by Politics for Tomorrow, which initiated the development of an Innovation Compass for the public sector in the German-speaking area. The compass is inspired by and based on the Scandinavian innovation barometers, conceived by the Center for Public Innovation in Denmark. The process is framed by the Declaration for Public Sector Innovation, launched by the OECD in 2019 and supported by investment models and tools collected by the Observatory for Public Sector Innovation.

The workshop is hosted by the Federation of German Scientists (FGS/VDW) who is a partner in the NewHoRRIzon Project on “Excellence in Science and Innovation in Europe by adopting the concept of Responsible Research and Innovation”.

The workshop is organized by members of the Social Lab “Climate Action, Environment, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials” managed by the FGS within the NewHoRRIzon project. The Social Lab is the incubator for a think tank on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), which brings together experts from research, business, funding organizations, politics and NGOs to share their experiences and expertise on RRI at the national and European level. Set up in the framework of the EU-funded NewHoRRIzon project promoting RRI within Horizon Europe (FP9) and beyond, the Social Lab will contribute to policy recommendations to the European Union.

Accordingly, there is a strong link between the workshop at the World Resource Forum (WRF) and discussions in the NewHoRRIzon project about the potentials provided by RRI to better root science and innovation in society.