Trade Relations and Sustainability


Trade Relations and Sustainability by NRP 73

Date:               October 23, 2019

Time:               08:30 – 10:00

Location:         Centre International de Conferences (CICG), Geneva Switzerland


The objectives of this workshop are to present the different approaches of the NRP 73 projects and to discuss solutions for trade relations and sustainability.

The key issues to be touched upon are:

  • What are the global burdens associated with current Swiss production and consumption?
  • How can governments create more sustainable trade relations complying with international obligations?
  • What are the impacts of trade liberalization on sustainability and on food security?
  • What’s the role of the private sector?

The interactive workshop will include short presentations of initial results of the research projects. During a world café or carousel, we will discuss three key topics and will reflect on the insights during a final panel discussion with representative from the Swiss government, researchers, politicians and company representatives.


Time Content Responsibility
08:30 Introduction & mapping of the group Prof. Dr. Regina Betz, CEE, ZHAW and co-president NRP 73
08:35 Global burdens associated with current Swiss production and consumption, international trade relations and the food system

Four NRP 73-research projects present initial results in short 5 minutes presentations:

  1.      Switzerland’s sustainable footprint
  2.      Open assessment of Swiss economy and society
  3.      Environmental impact of trade relations
  4.      Sustainable trade relations for diversified food systems

Afterwards: Questions & Answers




  1. Prof. Dr. Joseph Francois, WTI, University of Bern
  2. Dr. Chris Mutel, Paul-Scherrer-Institute
  3. Dennis Kolcava, & David Presberger, ETH Zurich
  4. Dr. Elisabeth Bürgi Bonanomi, CDE, University of Bern
09:00 Levers and barriers for more sustainability in international trade relations

Participants will discuss at three stands:

  1. Policy debate
  2. Trade and diversified food systems
  3. Private sector efforts

  1. Prof. Dr. Joseph Francois
  2. Dr. Elisabeth Bürgi Bonanomi
  3. Dr. Chris Mutel and Dennis Kolcava
09:30 Panel discussion to reflect the outcome of the previous discussions


  • Kate Dassesse, FOAG international
  • Eddy Bekkers, research economist, WTO
  • Daniel Weston, General Counsel & Global Head of Corporate Affairs and CSV Nestlé Nespresso SA
Moderation: Dr. Barbara Dubach, Head Knowledge Transfer, NRP 73
10:00 End of the workshop