Rethink fashion, rethink the world

Rethink fashion, rethink the world

by: Marcos Rodrigues Queiroz (presenting author), Andre Rodrigues Queiroz, Magna Coeli Donato Rodrigues

Refazenda, Brazil


Rethink fashion, rethink the world

Over these 30 years, Refazenda has positioned itself not as a fashion business, but rather as a behavior enterprise that communicates through high aggregate value sustainable products, encouraging its customers to become citizens of the world, in a faithful expression of belonging to the planet.

Handmade with love

It was in this way, from a strong feeling of social and environmental responsibility and emanating the devotion of all that is made by hand, that Refazenda was born. With it came an effervescent desire to transform the paradox that currently characterizes the production of clothes and accessories: the great environmental impact, resulting from the whole traditional production chain, from planting, spinning, weaving and sewing, all the way to distribution. By pursuing the ideal of minimizing the harmful effects of industry on the planet, Refazenda follows up the use of its products beyond their sale, extending the product life-cycle by suggesting new ways of wearing items and redesigning them for use as new ones.

As our products contain the 100% human dedication of many hours of manual work, they deserve conscious purchase, dignified use and the multiplication of this attitude among other people.

In being recognised, the craftsperson who has sewed the garment becomes more of a citizen of the world each day.