Oral presentations

In order to allow more interaction and ideas generation, discussions will take place after all oral presentations have finished. You will be given 7 minutes for your oral presentation making use of up to 8 slides. Discussion with the participants will follow in the same room in front of a good-quality printed version of you power point presentation (your 8 slides in A4 or A3 format each) or a regular poster which may also contain additional information.

If you choose to use your PowerPoint presentation for your slides, the WRF offers to print them to you at no cost. In order to benefit from this, kindly send your slides to Jessica Clement (Jessica.Clement@wrforum.org) by 11 October, 2019. Otherwise, we kindly ask you to print your poster. Please do not forget to bring your poster to Geneva!

Please, upload the pdf version of your power point presentation or regular poster in the conftool by choosing “Your Submissions” followed by “Upload Contribution” in your existing submission. See more information here.

In order to introduce you properly, we would like to also ask you to please upload a short biography of the presenting author, together with a picture in high resolution.

The 8 Slides should contain the following:

Slide 1:

  • Title of the presentation
  • Authorship of the persons involved (the speaker’s name should be underlined)
  • Affiliations of the authors, and contact address
  • Acknowledgements (they can be also presented in the last slide)

Slide 2:

  • Introduction to the topic addressed and motivation for the work
  • Definition of questions and problems tackled in the study

Slides 3-4 (1 or 2 slides):

  • The methods used for your work.

Slides 4-7 (2 or 3 slides):

  • The main results of your work.
  • The implications of your work.

Slide 8:

  • Conclusions (with extra slide in case of acknowledgments)