Scientific Sessions (SS)

The call for papers is now closed and received abstracts are currently under review. We look forward to announcing the Scientific Session details following the review process in July 2019.

Along the theme of ‘Anchoring Natural Resources and Raw Materials Management for Achieving Sustainable Consumption and Production’, the WRF 2019 call for papers aimed to attract participation for the scientific sessions for three major topic areas and a variety of specialized themes.



The three key topics are:


Submission in the three key topics address following themes:

► Mining and Supply Security
► Raw Materials in the Informal Economy
► Sustainable Consumption and Production
► Green and Circular Economy
► Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)
► Decoupling, Life Cycle Thinking, and Resource Efficiency
► Energy Efficiency
► Business & Financing
► Recycling and Waste Management
► Eco Cities
► Sustainable Construction and Infrastructure
► Mobility and Transportation
► Digitalization and ICT