Scientific Sessions (SS)

This year, following key topics were addressed in eight scientific sessions:

Many abstracts from over 25 countries were submitted this year to the WRF, from which 75 were finally accepted by the Scientific Committee for oral and poster presentation during one of the scientific or poster sessions organized in Geneva. Scientific presentations were clustered in 8 sessions with dedicated themes. These gave place to highly interesting and inspiring speeches and very stimulating lively discussions with the public.

Four oral scientific presentations and one scientific poster which have been particularly appreciated by the conference participants were prized by the Scientific Session Chairs – Prof. Christian Ludwig (Paul Scherrer Institut – PSI and EPFL, Chair Scientific Committee) and Prof. Sonia Valdivia (WRF, Co-Chair Scientific Committee). These were:

Hotel Lobbies as Workspaces for the Modern Worker, presented by Dolapo Oluteye (UCL, United Kingdom)

Incentive based collection of e-waste – Results from pilot implementation in Ghana, presented by Andreas Mahnhart (GIZ, Germany)

Physicomechanical Properties of Starch-Based Bioplastic Films, presented by Tender Ferolin (Ateno de Davao University, Philippines)

Assessing the contribution of Circular Economy to Urban Sustainability: an analysis based on the use of indicators, presented by Valeria Superti (EPFL, Switzerland)

Development and characterization of a water-based end-of-life recycling process of lithium ion batteries, presented by Lorena Toledo Reyes (EMPA, Switzerland)

The following presentations took place during the Scientific Sessions at WRF 2019.

The links in the left column show the presentation overviews. The links in the right column show the presentations.