Plenary III: Raw Materials Around the World

Issues connected with mineral governance differ across regions. Plenary III looks at the topic of mineral governance from the viewpoint of different regions in this session, including Asia, Europe, Latin America, and Sub-Saharan Africa. UN Environment representatives will also be engaged to share some of the most pressing issues connected to regional material governance. This plenary session aims to discuss the main concerns related to the extractive sector and mineral resources by region.

Harnessing this dialogue, Plenary III then aims to uncover how regions will play a part in developing a new governance architecture. The speakers from the different regions will have the opportunity to discuss together their regional synergies, and acknowledge where trade-offs across regions may be. This conversation will help different stakeholders understand how individual regional strategies fit into a global governance transition.

Finally, Plenary III will consider how the SDLO concept can work for their region. Participants will be asked to share both the envisioned opportunities and challenges. Regional best – or maybe worst – practices shared by the different speakers will help make the discussion surrounding this topic more tangible.