Plenary II: High-Level Political Dialogue on the Governance of Mineral Resources: Searching for Political Leadership

Plenary II offers the chance to dive into a discussion about finding a new governance architecture for achieving sustainable development that is integrated with natural resources. This new paradigm calls for structural transformation, economic development, and diversification in resource exporting countries, and significant gains in resource security and efficiency for developed nations. As the session features Environmental Ministers and Directors from Ghana and Switzerland as well as high-ranking officials from UNECE, UNEP, and the EC, a variety of insights will be shared on the stage.

Plenary II will focus on how to prioritize the actions by a country or organization in order to improve natural resource governance. Speakers are asked to highlight best practices that have helped progress to work a new paradigm of resource governance. The extractive sector will be particularly highlighted.

This session will also take up the SDLO, and discuss the potential for this concept to work as an alternative framework for the governance of the extractive sector. In order to provide a balanced discussion, the challenges for SDLO implementation will additionally be considered.