Plenary I: Getting the License to Operate

Plenary I aims to confront natural resource related questions that industry is currently facing. First, by generally addressing the different opportunities and challenges that industry and businesses have, Plenary I focuses on evaluating the state of the extractive sector for different players. Invited representatives from industry associations, organizations, and business will explain their strategies for progress while considering the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Continuing to address current key issues, Plenary I will also focus on questions concerning the future of supply security for metals and minerals. Supply security is not only highlighted in reports, such as “Mineral Governance in the 21st Century”, but also increasingly mentioned by industry associations and businesses alike. Plenary I asks the Speakers about supply related challenges and strategies in order to gain new perspectives on this issue.

A second key issue presently dominating the resource dialogue is corporate responsibility. Plenary I will take this opportunity to hear how its speakers are considering corporate responsibility in their frameworks. A particular focus will be placed on the Sustainable Development License to Operate (SDLO), and what companies need to do to “Get the License to Operate”.