Category: Short Video & Discussion

By: ES VICIS Foundation

Country & Year: Switzerland, 2017

Duration: 6 min Video + 50 min Discussion

Facilitators of the discussion: ES VICIS founders, Cintia Jaime and Daniel Winzenried.

Synopsis: This is a real story, taking place today in Colonia Belgrano, a small village in Argentina that is losing its inhabitants as a result of rural-to-urban migration. The village is strongly committed to increasing its population and has a solid infrastructure that can welcome new families. With the support of the “Welcome to my village” program, the community identifies new business needs and opportunities that are matched with proposals of 20 entrepreneurial underprivileged families living in cities who wish to move to the village. The families are true protagonists, communicating the happiness they feel as they fulfill their dream of working and having a home in a peaceful place and sharing their emotions as they leave behind the adverse conditions under which they have lived with their children in the cities.


The rural-to-urban migration tendency can promptly be reversed by investing in the cause instead of the consequence.

Through its work, this pilot project and as shown in this short video, the ES VICIS Foundation seeks to encourage people to reflect on how existing resources in small villages around the world can be better harnessed and to demonstrate that the sustainable repopulation of the villages is possible. Indeed, such a repopulation benefits not only the villages and families, but can also contribute to the reducing current and future investment allocated to achieving sustainable cities.

The search of work in a peaceful environment is the main driver to migrate; this program offers such opportunities. It shows immediate results including the improvement of the quality of life of the migrated families and the fostering of the sustainable growth of the village with the filling of existing business niches and opportunities. As part of the program, all families construct their own houses in their new home-village. As they benefit from the host village’s existing infrastructure very little new and additional investments are required.

Cintia and Daniel will explain how the pilot-project is already being scaled-up in Argentina following a strong PPP cooperation model, and how they plan to replicate their program in countries in need around the world. They will also share with you information about the work model that aims at the durable integration of the families and the sustainable growth of the village.

Daniel Winzenried
Founder & Board President of the ES VICIS Foundation

Cintia Jaime  
Founder & Managing Director of the ES VICIS Foundation

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