Ready to enjoy the interesting films, documentaries and short videos related to the Sustainable Development Goals?

WRF Cinema will take place in Room 17. Please be on time and help yourself with Maya Popcorn!

Tuesday, October 24

11h00 – 12h40 Before the Flood by Fisher Stevens
13h50 – 13h55 Network Earth by Mauro Martino and Jianxi Gao
13h55 – 14h05 Selah: From Water to Stone by Ben Masters
14h05 – 14h10 Learning to Protect Biodiversity by UNESCO 

Wednesday, 25

11h00 – 12h00 Welcome to My Village by ES VICIS Foundation (Video + Discussion)
12h05 – 12h10 Tales of Trash by Sustainable Recycling Industries
12h10 – 13h00 The Valuable Waste by Adesoji Adeyemi – Adejolu
13h40 – 13h45 The Story of Microfibers by The Story of Stuff
13h45 – 14h15 How We Will Rid the Oceans of Plastic by The Ocean Cleanup 

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