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Tuesday, October 24

11h00 – 12h40Before the Flood by Fisher Stevens
13h50 – 13h55Network Earth by Mauro Martino and Jianxi Gao
13h55 – 14h05Selah: From Water to Stone by Ben Masters
14h05 – 14h10Learning to Protect Biodiversity by UNESCO 

Wednesday, 25

11h00 – 12h00Welcome to My Village by ES VICIS Foundation (Video + Discussion)
12h05 – 12h10Tales of Trash by Sustainable Recycling Industries
12h10 – 13h00The Valuable Waste by Adesoji Adeyemi – Adejolu
13h40 – 13h45The Story of Microfibers by The Story of Stuff
13h45 – 14h15How We Will Rid the Oceans of Plastic by The Ocean Cleanup 

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