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WS 16: How to Transition from Linear to Circular

Workshop Chair: Raymond Slaughter (CSCP)
Date and time: Wednesday 25, 14h30 – 16h30
Room: 23


The shift towards a circular economy has undisputed benefits for the world and its citizens.  It is a clear opportunity for organisations who can successfully transition their models – or develop new and disruptive ones – which effectively create, deliver, and capture value in a manner that is decoupled from resource use and depletion.  Yet, how do you embed circular economy in ways that are scalable, self-sustaining and create value for your organisation, partners, customers and wider stakeholders?

How can you as an individual become an effective ‘change-maker’ and even an ‘improvement-maker’?

These questions are relevant whether you are a business directly facing these challenges, a policy maker trying to effect system-level improvements, or a civil society organisation that is informing and influencing others.

Join this workshop to learn a powerful approach to building relationships and value exchanges, which you can use to facilitate dialogues with colleagues, partners, and customers, and take away practical actions to accelerate your transition immediately.

Conducted by R2π Project:

R2π is a European Union project focused on enabling organisations and their value chains to transition towards a more viable, sustainable and competitive economic model.  The project is all about How to Transition from Linear to Circular Economy, and thus, the R represents the linear radius while the π symbolises the circle.

R2π supports the achievement of the European Union’s strategy on sustainability and competitiveness by positioning the EU as a world leader in the circular economy.  The objective of the project is to accelerate widespread implementation of a circular economy based on sustainable business models and effective policies:  to ensure sustained economic development, to minimise environmental impact and to maximise social welfare. 


Aleyn Smith-Gillespie
Associate Director, The Carbon Trust


Aleyn, leads Carbon Trust’s Business Model Innovation and Circular Economy practice, as well as the Supply Chain Sustainability practice.  He has over 15 years’ international experience working in business management and strategy and now focuses on helping clients develop low-carbon, environmentally sustainable business models and strategies to drive operational efficiency, innovation, growth, and impact. His sector experience spans fast-moving consumer goods, telecommunications, financial services, retail, energy, and public sector.

Prior to Carbon Trust, Aleyn worked for strategy consultants Booz Allen Hamilton, as well as at other consulting practices based in China and the UK. He holds a BA from Cambridge University, and a double Master’s degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Doug Morwood
CEO Whole Earth Futures


Doug, CEO of Whole Earth Futures, is a Systems Design Practitioner with over 20 years experience in strategic development and organisational design. With a distinct passion for seeking grand challenges and the key stakeholders equally motivated to solve them, he constantly explores better ways to unlock potential and re-design ecosystems that are better for all people, at all levels, all of the time.

Utilising design thinking and systems practice Doug, working with a range of key partners, has developed A new Economic/Humankind Model for Growth – based on four pillars: Health; Education; Social Justice and the Environment ­– with an active involvement in resource efficiency and circular economy, working as consortium partner for both R2Pi and CIRCLE. He currently holds board positions within each of these areas and is an active entrepreneur and investor.

Raymond Slaughter
Senior Advisor, CSCP – Collaborating Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production


Raymond advises and coaches organizations on innovating and implementing holistic strategies to increase positive impact on society, ecology and economy.  He has 25 years of experience with global organizations across the public, private and civil society sectors.  Passionate about sustainability, innovation and collaboration, Raymond loves discovering effective solutions to constantly improve organizations, maximize value and scale up positive impact for a better world.

He is a visionary and engaging leader and has built and led organizations and multi-stakeholder collaborations worldwide as well as advised leaders and organizations on creating powerful strategies and continuously enhancing programs and operations. He has successfully directed projects in various fields such as energy, mobility, logistics, information and communication technology, manufacturing, healthcare and investment.