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WS 8: International Cooperation on Raw Materials by European Union Horizon 2020 Program

Workshop Organisers: WRF and European Geological Surveys (EGS)
Workshop Chair: Bas de Leeuw, WRF
Date and time: Wednesday 25, 11h00 – 13h00
Room: 3



The workshop will cover the key topics related to the Horizon 2020 funded project, FORAM, which aims to develop a platform of international experts and stakeholders that will enhance the international cooperation on raw material policies and investments: The World Forum on Raw Materials. The first step towards the project’s goal is to identify, analyse and consolidate the existing initiatives and programs related to the entire value chain of raw materials. The next step is to engage and involve international experts and stakeholders from G20 and other countries active in the non-energy raw materials sector into an effective and interactive dialogue. These stakeholders will be engaged to share their experiences, needs, threads and preferences and this will facilitate the cooperation towards a better understanding of the future raw material agendas and actions, and thus, build synergies. To initiate the dialogue among these huge and diverse international stakeholders, an effective dissemination and communication approach is necessary.

The World Resources Forum annual conference is a platform where hundreds of high-level policy-makers, business leaders, NGOs, scientists and the public get together to exchange knowledge on resource management and efficiency, present solutions and foster international and sectoral partnerships. In order to take advantage of the WRF network and reach out to further potential stakeholders, engage and involve them in highlighting the gaps, finding the best practices towards FORAM project’s goals and raise awareness about the project, this Workshop has been planned during the WRF 2017 Conference.

The main topics and content of the Workshop will consist of:

· Introduction of the project (partners, objectives, approach, first results and expected outcomes)

· Needs, gaps and challenges for a coherent approach towards raw materials policies and investments

· Who are the key stakeholders along the raw materials value chain and how to involve them?

· How to cluster the stakeholders to achieve a common understanding?

· How to start and improve the dialogue among clustered stakeholders?