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WS 6: MEDEAS Project – Resources, Climate Change, and the future of Europe

Workshop Chair: Dr Jordi Solé Ollé (MEDEAS Project Coordinator, Department of Physical and Technological Oceanography – DOFT, ICM–CSIC)
Date and time: Tuesday 24, 16h30 – 18h30
Room: 6


This workshop will report the current results of the ongoing EU project MEDEAS. The project aims at modeling the global and European economy as a function of the availability of natural resources, climate change and the policy choices that have been made and will be made in the future. It is focalized in particular on the effort needed to keep Europe on track of the decarbonization process necessary to attain the objectives of the Paris agreement. The project makes use of advanced modeling techniques, mainly based on system dynamics and it aims at producing a flexible tool designed to help policymakers taking appropriate decisions. The project is ongoing, but the available results already indicate that for the European economy, remaining within the boundaries agreed in Paris, a major effort will be required in terms of improved efficiency, growth of renewable energy and emission abatement.


Jordi Solé Ollé is a senior scientist at ICM-CSIC. Having a PhD in applied Physics, his research career is focused on modeling physical/biological oceanography, climatology and environment and lately on energy resources. At present he is the Principal Investigator of MEDEAS and coordinator of the ICM-CSIC team on energy modeling.

Ugo Bardi is a faculty member of the University of Florence, Italy. He is the author of the book “Extracted” (Chelsea Green, 2014) dealing with the world’s mineral resources. In MEDEAS, Ugo Bardi is engaged with the INSTM team that carries out simulations and scenario building in the area that has to do with the physics of the energy transition. Ugo Bardi’s web site is at

Ilaria Perissi is a Senior Researcher at INSTM dealing mainly with the development of Green Chemistry manufacturing for Industry and Power Sector. More recently she focused her interests on System Dynamic applied to the study of resource exploitation. Her contribution in MEDEAS relies on the development of the Scenarios that aim at both describing the ‘big picture’ of the transition as well as becoming a reference for MEDEAS modellers.

Luis Javier Miguel González is a faculty member of the University of Valladolid (UVa), Spain, where he teaches Systems Dynamics and Control Engineering. He is the coordinator of the Research Group on Energy, Economy and System Dynamics of the UVa. His main role in MEDEAS is the coordination of the design and development of the models of the world, Europe and country-level in Vensim.


Presentation title Speaker Duration
Openness, sharing and reproducibility in energy models: the MEDEAS project Jordi Solé Ollé 20 min
Resource depletion: where do we stand almost 50 years after “The Limits to Growth?” Ugo Bardi 20 min
Feedback between energy resources and the economy in the MEDEAS global model. Luis Javier Miguel González 20 min
Applications of dynamic models to economic systems: Scenarios for the world’s reduction of carbon emissions Ilaria Perissi 20 min
Key points for the energy transition towards a low carbon economy in the MEDEAS global model Luis Javier Miguel González 20 min
Round Table All (Moderator: Jordi Solé Ollé) 20 min