Organisers are requested to consider the following requirements and deadlines:

During the WRF 2017:
– You are required to introduce your workshop to the audience on the first day of the conference during the WRF Parade (October 24). You will get exactly 30 seconds. We encourage you to send us one Power Point slide only to advertise your Workshop and convince the audience! Kindly send it by September 25, 2017 to María Lucía Hijar. If you are curious to see how a WRF Parade works, check the following link.
– You are expected to provide a summary of your Workshop to the audience on the last day of the conference (October 25) during the closing session. You will have 2 minutes to present the results and be allowed to use 1 slide. Kindly send the slides after your workshop, as soon as possible, to María Lucía Hijar.
– If you cannot personally attend the previously mentioned sessions, kindly confirm who will represent you to María Lucía Hijar. These activities are optional for workshops scheduled on October 26, 2017.

After the WRF 2017:
You are required to send us a max. 3-page summary report of your Workshop within two weeks after the event by November 8, 2017. The report will be included in the WRF 2017 Meeting Report.

► Finances:
We normally charge a standard rate per workshop, which also includes all venue and related costs, and two entrance tickets for organisers. Speakers, moderators and participants of your workshop need to be registered to the WRF conference through our official conference tool, not necessarily all three days. Contact us (María Lucía Hijar) for more information on finances.


Key dates

Mark your calendars with the following important dates and deadlines:

► Workshop proposal submission: May 1, 2017
Notification of acceptance: June 1, 2017*
► Confirmation workshop speakers: August 1, 2017
► Final workshop program: September 15, 2017
► Workshop announcement (1 PowerPoint slide): September 25, 2017
► Workshop key findings (1 PowerPoint slide): October 24-25, 2017, on the day of your workshop
► Final Workshop report: November 8, 2017

*The notification depends on the date of your proposal submission. You will be notified latest on June 1, 2017.