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Session 7: Resource Efficiency for a Circular Economy

[Please note that the programme is subject to change and will be continuously updated up to the conference]

Date and Time: Wednesday 25, 11h00 – 13h00

Chairs: Janeth Sanabria Gómez and Lorena del Pilar Munoz

Room: 13

SS 7.1 BREAKING OUT THE SILOS! Engineering is an art – Novel perspectives in Circular Economy by Nani Pajunen1, Riikka Mäkikoskela2 (1Program from Aalto University to Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, Finland; 2Aalto University School of Arts, Finland) 
SS 7.3 Material use within planetary boundaries: evidence for the global paper system by Stijn Van Ewijk1, Julia Stegemann1, Paul Ekins2 (1University College London, Institute for Sustainable Resources; 2University College London, Department of Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering)
SS 7.4 Quantification and Mapping of Above-Ground Metal Resources Across Australia by Xuan Zhu (Monash University, Australia) 
SS 7.5 Raw Material flow in Informal Sectors in India by Lakshmi Raghupathy (TERI University, New Delhi, India) 
SS 7.6 Integrating informal sector recycling into waste management – Insights from value chain analysis of 3 Asian Countries by Sanjay K Gupta (Skat Consulting Ltd., Switzerland) 
SS 7.7 Ammonia resistant microorganisms for efficient and sustainable bio-fertilizer production by Janeth Sanabria, Claudia Rodriguez, Carolina Ospina (Universidad del Valle, Colombia) 
SS 7.8 Squaring the circular economy: reconciling recycling performance metrics to make the circular economy achievable and measurable by Anne Scheinberg1, Jeroen IJgosse3, Michael H. Simpson4, Nathalia Lima2, Rachel A. Savain5 (1Springloop Coöperatie U.A., Netherlands,; 2Giral, Vivero de Projetos, Brazil; 3Independent Consultant, Manaus, Brazil; 4Antioch University New England; 5Recycling Co-ordinator, USA)