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Session 11: SDGs in the Global Agenda of the Century

[Please note that the programme is subject to change and will be continuously updated up to the conference]

Date and Time: Wednesday 25, 14h30 – 16h30

Chairs: Sanjeevan Bajaj and Claudia Binder

Room: 18

SS 11.1 The Long View – Exploring Product Lifetime Extension by Bettina Heller (UN Environment) 
SS 11.2 Sustainable Development Goals: knowledge development on the social dimension of raw materials by Lucia Mancini1, Serenella Sala2, Dominic Wittmer1, David Pennington1 (1European Commission Joint Research Centre, Land Resources Unit, Italy; 2European Commission Joint Research Centre, Bioeconomy Unit, Italy) 
SS 11.3 Accelerating the transition towards living well within the planetary boundaries by Andreas Hauser, Loa Buchli, Alexandra Strauss (Federal Office for the Environment FOEN (Switzerland), Switzerland) 
SS 11.4 Indicators for measuring the resilience of energy transitions by Claudia R. Binder, Susan Muehlemeier, Romano Wyss (EPFL, Switzerland) 
SS 11.5 The WORLD6 model for evaluation of natural resource sustainability considering metals, materials, energy, population and food by Harald Ulrik Sverdrup1, Anna Hulda Olofsdottir1, Kristin Vala Ragnarsdottir2, Deniz Koca3 (1Industrial Engineering, University of Iceland, Iceland; 2Earth Sciences, University of Iceland, Iceland; 3Institute of Ecology, Lund University, Sweden) 
 SS 11.6 Cleantech Innovations – UNIDO pathway for achieving SDGs by Reshmi VasudevanSandeep Tandon (UNIDO, India) 
SS 11.7 Can the mining sector contribute to implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals? Observations on SDG6 from Peru and Mongolia by Nadja Catherine Kunz1, Bern Klein1, Andre Xavier2 (1University of British Columbia, Canada; 2Canadian International Resources and Development Institute, Canada) 
SS 11.8 Mining royalties – challenges and opportunities to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and intergenerational equity in the peripheral mining regions by Maria Amélia Rodrigues da Silva Enríquez1,2João Gustavo Gouveia Loureiro1,2 (1Brazilian Society for Ecologic Economics -ECOECO, Brazil; 2Federal University of Pará – UFPA) 
SS 11.9 Ecological and Socio-Technical Assessment of Collaborative Consumption: Resource Efficiency Potentials by Katrin Bienge, Paul Suski, Sebastian Kiefer, Monika Wirges, Martina Schmitt (Wuppertal Institut, Germany) 
SS 11.10 A Case for Integrating Sustainable Development Goals with Business Policy by Sanjeevan Bajaj (Federation of Indidan Chambers of Commerce and Industry, India) 
SS 11.11 Elephant in the Boardroom: Why Unchecked Consumption is Not an Option in Tomorrow’s Markets by Deborah Drew, Eliot Metzger, Kevin Moss, Samantha Putt del Pino (World Resources Institute, United States of America) 
SS 11.12 Education for Food Action by Marilyn Mehlmann, Carlos Oppe (Global Action Plan (GAP) International, Sweden) 
SS 11.13 120 Gigatons – A dynamic, model-based projection of global raw material extraction levels in 2050 by Mark Meyer and Martin Distelkamp (GWS, Germany)