How to upload a document in Conftool

In order to upload a document in Conftool, please follow these steps:

1/ Login in Conftool ( using your account

2/ Select “Your submissions”

3/ Select “Upload Contribution” on the right side of your contribution(s).

4/ You will find three sections (1st file, 2nd file, 3rd file). For each of them select the button ‘Choose a file…” and  upload the following documents:

  • File 1: Your poster in .pdf format before October 20. The poster will be published online after the conference
  • File 2: A short biography of yourself in .doc or .docx format, including a picture in good resolution of the presenting author before October 11 (if not already sent by email)
  • File 3: Your manuscript for the conference proceedings (not complusory) before January 1 in .doc or .docx format. More information is available here:

5/ Select “Upload File(s)”. Documents are then uploaded.

6/ For uploading a new version of the document, please repeat points 4-5

Please note: If you have more than one contribution, please repeat points 3-6 for each of them.