WS18 Public-Private Partnerships for Water Stewardship

· Workshop Organisers: UNIDO and Heineken

· Workshop Chair: Stephan Sicars, UNIDO

· Date and Time: Wednesday 14, 08h00 – 09h50

· Room: Sanada II

· Description:

Introduction to UNIDO’s business partnerships initiative, with special emphasis on a public-private partnership with HEINEKEN to promote water stewardship in countries and regions classified as water-stressed

· Program:

Video screening: HEINEKEN and UNIDO Partnership: Tackling Worldwide Water Scarcity

HEINEKEN’s Sustainability Strategy “Brewing a Better World” and Water Stewardship Engagement in Monterrey, Mexico

Jan-Willem Vosmeer, HEINEKEN: Presentation

UNIDO-HEINEKEN Public-Private Partnership on Water Stewardship

Christian Susan, UNIDO: Presentation

Discussion Round with RECPnet Members