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On December 11, 15.00 – 16.00 CET, the World Resources Forum will host a webinar on the topic of social life cycle assessment. Together with leading experts in the field, we will provide an update of the ISO 14075 standard development, learn more about a real-life case of social LCA application in business and discuss how social LCA can move ESG assessment and reporting forward.

Developments in Social Life Cycle Assessment – An update of ISO 14075

There is a growing need and demand for better understanding the social impacts of companies and their value chains. To support companies in addressing this, the UNEP social life cycle assessment (S-LCA) guidelines emerged in 2009 and were later revised in 2021. Based on learnings of the last decade of implementation of S-LCA, ISO recognizes the acceptability of the UNEP S-LCA guidelines, based on which it agrees to develop the ISO 14075 for publication in 2024. 

This webinar provides an update of the ISO 14075 standard development by the Convenor, Prof. Marzia Traverso from RTWH Aachen University, including questions such as: how are the impacts defined in ISO 14075? What does the social life cycle impact assessment phase look like? What role do stakeholders play? How to handle semi-quantitative data in Social LCA? What is best practice on interpretation of results?

These methodological and conceptual insights will be complemented by a real-life case of how companies apply social LCA in their sustainability assessments, thanks to the experience of Davide Bonaffini from Hitachi Rail.

The session, moderated by Prof. Sonia Valdivia, will give ample space for discussion and Q&A with the audience to dive into the multifaceted aspects of social LCA and how it can move the businesses’ ESG assessment and reporting further.

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