Robin S. Gilli

Robin works as a Project Manager, since Aug 2022 at  the World Resources Forum, on projects related to responsible mining and sourcing of minerals, fostering sustainable local development of Environmental, […]

Federico Werner

Federico has recently joined the team at WRF, involved initially in research and project management tasks for the Sustainable Recycling Initiatives project. Federico is an environmental engineer originally from Argentina. […]

Rebecca Suhner

Rebecca joined the World Resources Forum in March 2023. She is part of the World Resources Forum conference organising team and responsible for other communication, knowledge management and training activities […]

Adrien Specker

Since April 2022, Adrien is a Project Officer at the World Resources Forum, where he works on projects related to the development of sustainable management of plastic and e-waste, especially […]

Emanuele Di Francesco

Since 2021, Emanuele is the Communications and Events Manager of the World Resources Forum, where he is responsible for the coordination of the WRF conferences, the communication activities of the […]

Shahrzad Manoochehri

Since 2022, Shahrzad is the Program Director of the World Resources Forum. Between 2016-2022, she was a Project Manager at the organization. She is contributing to resource governance, recycling and e-waste […]

Sonia Valdivia

Since 2014, Sonia is the Scientific Director of the World Resources Forum, where she is working in the areas of sustainable recycling industries and life cycle sustainability. Since 2016, Sonia […]

Nicole Nussbaumer

Since 2013, Nicole is the Chief Financial Officer and the Executive Assistant of the World Resources Forum. Before that, she gained experience as a secretary and financial officer in various […]

Mathias Schluep

Since December 2020, Mathias is the Managing Director of the World Resources Forum, where he is responsible for the operative business and the representation of the Association to the public. […]