Workshops 2016

Five sessions were organised at the 1st Swiss Resources Forum under the motto “Make the revolution happen”: 

  • WS 1 Target images for a resource-conserving, future-proof economy

Workshop organised by BAFU and S2 Sustainability Strategies

In this workshop, possible objectives and opportunities of action with different focuses are discussed. These include a general overview, buildings & dwelling, as well as mobility and food.

More information can be found HERE.

  • WS 2 Mechanisms of action for a resource efficient infrastructure 

Workshop organised by FHS St.Gallen, Empa, WRF, SATW

Participants of this workshop gain insight into the different modes of action on the way to a resource efficient infrastructure in Switzerland. Under the supervision of experts from the University of Applied Sciences of St. Gallen, the Empa and the WRF, important factors and modes of action will be identified and visualized. The workshop aims at reaching a holistic system awareness as well as defining the basics for effective measures towards a resource efficient infrastructure.

More information can be found HERE

  • WS 3 Lifecycle and resource efficiency in infrastructure

    Workshop organised by EcosQuantis and the Global Infrastructure Basel

    The workshop gives a brief introduction to lifecycle analysis as well as resource efficiency in infrastructure projects. From a brief description of a real infrastructure project, the participants will discuss the various and complex ways to improve resource efficiency in the different project phases.

    More information can be found HERE.

  • WS 4 Resources market

Today’s most relevant activities around sustainable use of resources in Switzerland will be presented by means of interactive poster presentations at the Resource Market. Different initiatives, organizations and associations will inform about their activities, research results and share useful insights. Participants will be able to engage directly with the leaders of each project to discuss and clarify questions.

More information can be found HERE.

  • WS 5 Visit to the NEST project

Participants will have the possibility to visit the NEST Project, organized and moderated by Empa and business partners. In this modular research and innovation building of Empa and Eawag, new technologies, materials and systems are tested, researched, honed and validated in realistic conditions. NEST accelerates the innovation process in the building sector by close cooperation with partners from research, industry and the public sector which helps launch innovative building and energy technologies on the market faster.

Find HERE more details about the NEST project.