Rethinking Value – Resources for Planetary Wellbeing

Rethinking Value – Resources for Planetary Wellbeing

In the coming decades, the extraction of mineral and metal resources is expected to grow substantially, due to a growing global population, a rising middle class, infrastructure needs and the scaling up of renewable energy, electric mobility and digitalisation. At the same time, the environmental and social consequences caused by excessive and irresponsible use of natural resources are becoming increasingly evident, driving the triple planetary crisis of biodiversity loss, pollution and climate change. The imperative for change has never been more pressing.

WRF23 focused on the systemic shift required to transform resource use into a driver towards wellbeing for all within planetary boundaries. This encouraged us to rethink the concept of value: what we value, how natural resources are valued, and how we can create and fairly distribute value derived from these resources. This Conference Report provides main takeaways from the discussions held around the three conference tracks:

  • Sufficiency: from a consumer to a sufficient society
  • Value chains: from extractive to regenerative value chains
  • Digitalisation: from growth to purpose


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