Boosting Resource Productivity by Adopting the Circular Economy

Boosting Resource Productivity by Adopting the Circular Economy

The Meeting Report of the 2015 World Resources Forum Conference (Davos, Switzerland) provides the key highlights and takeaways of the conference, based upon inputs of speakers, participants and committee. The report covers a variety of perspectives on best practices, policy options and research on how to increase resource efficiency, invest in innovation for sustainable production, decrease the socio-environmental footprint of current consumption and production patterns, and achieve sustainable lifestyles and ensure high quality of life for all groups of society. Decoupling of economic growth from resources use and circular economy were the key areas of discussions. Stakeholders representing countries at different stages of economic development and capacity discussed the need for suitable cross- border governance frameworks as well as noted the urgency in boosting investment in businesses that can serve as building blocks for circular economy.


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