A Contribution to Future Critical Raw Materials Recycling

A Contribution to Future Critical Raw Materials Recycling

Secure access to critical raw materials (CRMs) is crucial to sustain our high-tech lifestyle and secure the competitiveness of European firms. CRMs also play a big role in the defence and renewables industry. Europe remains too reliant on foreign supply and, therefore, its access to some raw materials remains uncertain. Even though recycling is one of the important means to mitigate the criticality of CRMs, recycling rates of most of them are close to zero. Recycling is not economically attractive for most CRMs, due to, on the one hand, huge capital required in the development of technologies and, on the other, low and volatile prices of CRMs.

This publication is the final report of the CEWASTE EU-Horizon project, which presents main findings of the project and key recommendations to increase the recycling capacity for critical raw materials in Europe.



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Critical Raw Materials, Minerals & Metals, Technology



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