Advancing Responsible Sourcing In Global Mineral Value Chains

RE-SOURCING is an EU-funded multi-stakeholder platform that aims to advance responsible sourcing of raw materials along and across global mineral value chains. The project is developing visions and roadmaps for responsible sourcing of minerals in three sectors: Renewable EnergyMobility and Electric & Electronic Equipment.

Implemented by a large international consortium of 12 partners from 9 countries, coordinated by WU Vienna University of Economics and Business, RE-SOURCING strives to promote both strategic agenda setting and coherent application of practices for responsible sourcing.

DURATION: 2019 – 2023

SCOPE: Europe, Latin America, South-Saharan Africa, Asia-Pacific

FOCUS AREA: Resource Extraction

FUNDED BY: European Union Horizon 2020 Programme

Moving towards a Unified Vision of Responsible Sourcing

Read the Re-SOURCING Final Report

This report offers a comprehensive overview of the RE-SOURCING Project. Based on the consultations and research from the three key sectors, it puts forward a definition for responsible sourcing.

Framed under a rights-based approach, Responsible Sourcing is defined as “a process where the duty-bearers ensure policies, processes and compliance mechanisms that exist to deliver the environmental, social, and economic rights, as prioritised by stakeholders who are impacted by the activities within a mineral supply chain“.

Roadmaps 2050 for Responsible Sourcing

Renewable Energy, Mobility and Electronics Sectors

The project focused on three key sectors in the European Union: Renewable Energy, Mobility and Electronics. Consulting on sustainability challenges and opportunities across their supply chains, the project developed individual roadmaps for each sector. The roadmaps outline targets and milestones to 2050, to achieve the responsible sourcing vision, outlining specific objectives for policy makers, industrial actors and for civil society.

Renewable Energy Roadmap
Mobility Roadmap
Electronics Roadmap

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