Stakeholders and Experts Joining new RE-SOURCING Network

Vienna, 21 August 2020 The RE-SOURCING project team has recently started to invite key players from business, politics, academia, and civil society to join the new responsible sourcing network. So far already more than 100 stakeholders and experts from all over the globe have joined. “An amazing kick-start of the project”, comments WRF’s Managing Director Bas de Leeuw, adding that “this shows that it was really timely to start working in a coordinated manner on raising awareness, building capacity and exchanging information about this important topic”.

The EU-funded RE-SOURCING project aims to strengthen the discourse on responsible sourcing. The extraction and sourcing of raw materials is accompanied by a wide range of social, economic and ecological challenges. RE-SOURCING aims to build a Global Stakeholder Platform for Responsible Sourcing to addresses these challenges through a collective, consultative, and industry & civil society driven approach. This will improve responsible sourcing practices across global value chains, while maintaining a level playing field for firms and other stakeholders.

Activities will facilitate the development of a globally accepted definition of Responsible Sourcing (RS), develop ideas for incentives facilitating responsible business conduct in the EU, supporting RS initiatives,enable exchange of stakeholders for information and promotion of RS, foster the emergence of RS in international political fora, and support the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials. RE-SOURCING will deliver for EU and international business stakeholders Increased capacity of decision-makers for implementing responsible business conduct, better understanding and awareness on RS in three sectors of automotive, electric and electronic equipment, and renewable energy facilitated implementation of lasting and stable sectoral framework conditions for RS.

The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No. 869276 and is coordinated by Vienna University of Economics and Business, Institute for Managing Sustainability. Information about the project, its consortium and partners, will be posted on the RE-SOURCING website.