African E-Waste Experts Trained in Inclusive Recycling

Johannesburg, 22 July 2019 A successful Training of Trainers course on inclusive e-waste recycling was held in Johannesburg, South Africa, 8-12 July. E-waste experts from 13 African countries were selected out of over 100 applications.The course was based on ISO IWA 19 Guidance Principles for inclusive recycling, developed under the SRI programme.

inclusive e-waste recycling AfricaModules of the course included “worst and good practices of recycling” and introductions into various international technical standards, auditing and communication techniques. Participants developed concepts and trainings to support recyclers of formal and informal sector to improve practices and individual livelihoods.

The interactive setting and the large number of group work exercises in the training was highly appreciated. “Before this training, I have only experienced trainings with eight hours of PowerPoint presentations” said Wided Mejri from the Tunisian National Agency of Waste Management.

e-waste training
Mathias Schluep (WRF)

In addition to the theoretical modules, the participants had the chance to visit the IFAT Africa. At the fair, participants discussed the latest recycling technologies and their applicability to the African context. During IFAT, the facilitators, alongside selected participants of the training, held an interactive panel session, on “Creating a Level Playing Field in (South) Africa’s e-Waste Management Sector Through Developing Inclusive Partnerships.”

e-waste training
Fabian Ottiger (WRF)

In collaboration with the South African Waste Pickers Association and Groundwork South Africa, the session also brought representatives from the informal sector to the stage. The main message of the panelists was that the inclusion of the informal sector may look challenging at first, but will lead to many advantages for all involved stakeholders.

Furthermore, the training included a visit to two South-African recycling companies, Desco Electronic Recyclers and Reclite. During the site-visits, participants could test their newly acquired auditing skills and gain first hand experience on the inclusion of the informal sector in the recycling industry.

Concepts for sustainable waste management

The training was funded by GIZ under its sector project “Concepts for sustainable waste management” and implemented by experts from the World Resources Forum, EnviroSense and the United Nations University.

e-waste recycling training Africa