Circular Economy Platform

H2020 CICERONE – Circular Economy Platform


The H2020 CICERONE (Circular Economy Platform for European Priorities Strategic Agenda) project brings together key stakeholders including programme owners, researchers and businesses to build a platform for efficient circular economy.

Circular Economy PlatformCICERONE will establish a circular economy platform which will determine the priorities and pathways for coordinated R&I for circular economy. In turn, this agenda will influence the priorities in future European, national and regional CE programmes. This will lead to more synergy, sharing of results, and return on public investments in research and innovation. CICERONE’s goals align as much as possible pan-European, national and regional research and innovation in order to speed up the transition to a European circular economy. CICERONE is committed to building a Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA), performing an impact assessment of joint programming on circular economy R&I, and developing a policy toolkit to promote the priorities and foster adoption by policy-makers. CICERONE sets the grounds for the future programme owner (PO) platform, starting by defining its strategic role in the existing landscape. The next step will be to specify governance and possible legal frameworks, as well as creating a financially sustainable model.

Circular Economy Platform
CICERONE Workshop at WRF19, Antwerp, 26 February 2019

The project addresses the needs and priorities for circular economy in Europe by researching the state of the art, developing a roadmap and enabling joint programming for circular economy projects.

CICERONE has been designed and is implemented by 24 partners from a variety of organisations across Europe – thus providing a well-rounded, holistic pathway to advance the EU’s switch to a circular economy.

The World Resources Forum is a consortium partner, in particular responsible for international benchmarking (Latin America and Africa), workshops, outreach and education (MOOC). The WRF Secretariat has hosted the first workshop of the project, as part of the World Resources Forum, held in Antwerp, Belgium, February 25-27, 2019.

Download here CICERONE in 9 SLIDES (PDF).

For more information please visit the project’s website.

CICERONE has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program under Grant Agreement 820707.