Better by Design – Sustainable Lifestyles in Latin America

The “Better by Design” sustainable lifestyles project which started in 2017 under the umbrella of the UN 10YFP on Sustainable Consumption and Production, works with major retailers operating in Nicaragua, Honduras and Peru and their value chain partners to implement sustainable product design tools into new product development processes in the food and beverage sector, and build capacity and gather best practices in sustainability led advertising.

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The project works alongside Latin American retailers, suppliers and policy makers, to embed sustainable, low carbon thinking into new product development.

Activities 2017 – 2019

The project benchmarks performance and communicates reliable sustainability information to consumers to help them make informed purchasing decisions, facilitating a transition to low carbon, sustainable lifestyles. Working with major national and/or international retailers operating in Nicaragua, Honduras and Peru and their value chain partners to implement and embed tried and tested sustainable product design tools into their new product development (NPD) processes. Building capacity and best practices in Latin American organisations in sustainability-led advertising of consumer goods, via a ‘Consumer Information Lab’.

Activities in 2017

– Introductory Webinar 4 November 2017. See powerpoint slides (BBD Webinar Slides – SPDDSACC – 9 Nov 2017-(SPANISH)-FINAL-5, Spanish language only)
– Lima (Peru) Train-the-trainers event: 20-22 November

Activities in 2018

– Workshops in Honduras and Nicaragua
– Coaching sessions in Peru, Honduras and Nicaragua
– Presentation of results at Congreso Latinoamericano de Ecodiseño ECODAL, Mexico, Nov 2018

Impact and Results

The project replicates promising practices, tools and methodologies to support and enable companies in Latin America to improve the sustainability of their food and beverage products.

Project Partners

Project lead: World Resources Forum (WRF).

How to get involved

Please contact Prof. Dr. Sonia Valdivia of the World Resources Forum for more information, by writing to