Resource Revolution Trainer

Resource Revolution Trainer

Coupling Sustainability with Excellence – The Resource Revolution trainer is an online self-training guide for business.

WRFA developed this new Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) with the support of International Resource Panel (IRP) and UN Environment to introduce business managers world-wide to the science of global resource use and productivity. The Resource Revolution trainer takes the latest science on resource use trends and scarcities globally and turns it into practical ideas for any business to roll out a pro-active strategy.

Its scientific content is based on findings of reports published by the IRP.

The training comprehends six sessions containing video presentations on key concepts, reading materials, exercises, case examples and additional information.

The sessions explore the following topics: (1) the global resource challenge, (2) innovations and solutions required, (3) principles of productivity, (4) building blocks for becoming the resource revolution enterprise, (5) organizing yourself to become the resource revolution enterprise and (6) the challenge of time and scale.

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