Prof. Ron Zevenhoven

Åbo Akademi University - Finland

Ron Zevenhoven has been professor at Åbo Akademi University, Thermal and Flow Engineering Laboratory, in Turku Finland, chair of Engineering Thermodynamics and Modelling, since 2005. He holds an MSc (Chem Eng) and PhD (Eng) from Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands (1988, 1992); he is in Finland since 1993.

Current fields of research are mainly CO2 capture and storage using mineral sequestration, material recycling and energy recovery, passive cooling based on thermal radiation, Stirling engine application, process scale-up and particle technology/multi-phase flow dynamics including nano-particulate material. Zevenhoven was one of the authors of the 2005 IPCC Special Report on Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage (for this he was acknowledged for contributing to the 2007 Nobel peace prize ), and of the UNEP study of the Mercury Programme published in 2009.

He so far supervised ~ 55 MSc thesis works and ~ 15 post-graduate thesis works, and currently supervises three PhD thesis candidates. He has (co-) authored a book on gas clean-up, thirteen book chapters, ~220 peer reviewed papers and (co-) holds a few patents/patent applications. He was also the chairman of the organising and scientific committees of ECOS2014 ( held in Turku, Finland, June 15-19, 2014. His personal webpage:

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