Steven Aronson

Founder and Chairman of the Demain Foundation

Steve AronsonSteve is the Founder and Chairman of the Demain Foundation. American by birth and Costa Rican by choice, Steve has blended his business acumen with a deep involvement on environmental sustainability, culture, and education. Trained as an agricultural economist, he founded Cafe Britt, which pioneered the concept of roasting, packing and branding fine coffee in its country of origin.

Then, Steve turned most of his attention, and resources, to improving the quality of Costa Rica’s public high schools, ensuring the long term sustainability of the country’s national parks, and promoting the performing arts. The Demain Foundation -a US 501 (c) (3) organization- supports three projects: 1) the Association of IB Schools of Costa Rica (Asobitico by its Spanish acronym), which brings the International Baccalaureate program to public high schools; 2) ProParques, which delivers practical solutions to specific needs of Costa Rica’s National Parks; and, 3) the Cultural Association Teatro Espressivo (ACTE by its Spanish acronym), which promotes and stages high-quality cultural events for urban and rural audiences.

The Demain Foundation also invests in -and supports- social enterprises such as Acualogica, which has pioneered the implementation of water saving solutions, and Metalub, which collects and re-refines used oil to fabricate high-quality, green oil.

In the past year, Acualogica’s installations have saved 37.8 million gallons (142.97 million liters) of drinking water and Metalub has reduced carbon emissions in Costa Rica by over half a million tonnes of CO2.

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