Session 9

Enhancing the international cooperation on mineral policies by developing a World Forum on Raw Materials (WFRM)
Blažena Hamadová, Diego Murguia, Günter Tiess
MINPOL GmbH, Austria

The global use of mineral resources has drastically increased and supply chains have become more complex raising issues of global trade and minerals supply security. It is widely perceived that improved international resource transparency and governance would be beneficial for all concerned stakeholders since it would lead to stability, predictability, resource-efficiency and hence a better foundation for competitiveness on a sustainable basis. The FORAM project (funded by the EU, aiming to develop a WFRM) will contribute to consolidate the efforts towards a more joint and coherent approach towards minerals policies and investments worldwide by implementing an EU-based platform of international key stakeholders related to the entire raw materials value chain. Mineral policies reflect the key concerns in terms of minerals supply security. This paper describes and analyses the mineral policies of the leading global economies displaying which strategies countries are deploying to ensure a steady and affordable mineral supply for their industries to remain competitive. An example is how China is expected to cater with an increasing iron and copper demand due to its rapid urbanization (urban-rural migration) and which policies it is putting in place to ensure the supply of that and other key minerals.