Session 9

Eco-industrial park initiatives in Vietnam
Phuong Thanh Tran
UNIDO, Vietnam

By June 2017, Vietnam has established 325 industrial zones along all 63 provinces, of which more than 200 industrial parks have been put into operation which generate about 40% of the total revenue of the industry sector annually. However, industrial activities in IZs are posing certain burdens to the natural environment. 15% IZs in Vietnam operate without proper installed waste water treatment plants, causing water and air pollution, posing threat to heath and living condition of the surrounding communities.
By the end of 2014, the Government of Viet Nam has approved the project “Implementation of Eco – industrial park (EIP) initiative for sustainable industrial zones in Vietnam” with ODA financial support from UNDO, SECO and GEF. The Ministry of Planning and Investment of Vietnam (MPI) is the authorized project execution agency. Since May 2015, the project’s activities have been officially launched and implemented at 3 levels: At company level, activities mostly focus on increasing the productivity and competitiveness through applying resource efficiency and cleaner production (RECP). As of August 2017, in the four pilot industrial zones, 650 solutions have been recommended to 43 enterprises (out of 68 registered) who received technical assistance, completed RECP audit. The results are positive and much appreciated. At zone level, activities to improve the performance of centralized services have been being deployed with many notable findings. They will serve as good implication for industrial symbiosis in the coming time. At policy level, MPI is drafting a decree to regulate all activities in industrial and economic zones in Vietnam in which 3 chapters associated to EIPs. Parallelly, a technical guidelines on EIPs for Vietnam (specialized on environmental aspects) has been developed in a joint effort of MPI, UNIDO and IFC-WBG to provide approaches, set of criteria for EIP and instructional framework for implementation