Session 8

Life Cycle Initiative: Applying Life Cycle Thinking Towards a Sustainable Future
Llorenc Mila i Canals, Feng Wang
UN Environment, France

The global community has set 2030 as the target year for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, which calls for all countries and all stakeholders, acting in collaborative partnership. Decision making considering a full life cycle perspective allows to address unintended trade-offs between the pillars of sustainable development, and focus the attention on the key drivers of change (hotspots). As a result, progress towards sustainable development is faster and more efficient than when decisions are made in isolation.
The Life Cycle Initiative is a public-private, multi-stakeholder partnership hosted by the UN Environment, fostering progress towards sustainable development based on life cycle thinking. The Life Cycle Initiative can play a pivotal role to meet the growing need for more life cycle knowledge from global policy and business agendas, and serve as an interface between users and experts of life cycle approaches. The 2017-2022 Life Cycle Initiative strategy aims to bringing Life Cycle Thinking to the mindsets of decision makers with the practical knowledge and tools to enhance the sustainability of their decisions. This will be achieved through (1) advancing the understanding of life cycle thinking by private and public decision makers and of the decision-making process by life cycle experts; and (2) building consensus on and facilitating the access to environmental, social and economic life cycle knowledge (LCA data, methods, indicators, etc.).
With a more focused delivery, transparent governance, more inclusive membership, and ambitious fund-raising strategy, the Life Cycle Initiative will contribute to the efficient achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as other global policy and business agendas. This presentation will provide an overview of the new Life Cycle Initiative strategy, and explore ways in which you can engage and partner with us.