Session 8

Methodology for the life cycle assessment of clay masonry from energy and water consumption
Sergio Alfonso Ballen Zamora1, Liliana Medina Campos2, Luz Amparo Hinestrosa Ayala3, Adriana Cubides Perez4, James Ortega Morales5
1Universidad Colegio Mayor de Cundinamarca, Colombia

The paper shows the advances of an investigation in 2016, whose general objective is to establish a methodology for the analysis of the life cycle of clay masonry in Cundinamarca, based on the evaluation of the consumption of energy and water resources. Recently, advances have been made in the study of energy efficiency in the production of the brick industry in Cundinamarca region (Colombia), taking into account the combustion and / or fuel injection equipment, as well as the combustion process and its proper functioning. On the other hand, despite the development of methodologies for eco-labels type I, the LCA in this industry does not constitute an element that leads to an eco-label type III governed by ISO 14040: 2006. These data would be an input for National and local policies of sustainable construction, energy efficiency, low carbon growth, environmental declaration of product, and also facilitates the implementation of criteria that are framed in the Colombian Environmental Seal of the Ministry of Environment, and Whose ultimate goal is to minimize emissions of Greenhouse gases and improve energy efficiency from the construction industry and the brick industry.