Session 8

Ecosystem services valorization in agroecosystems, an approach of life cycle assessment and system dynamics models
Sandra BAUTISTA1, Vladimir MELGAREJO2, Nohora LEON2
1Universidad El Bosque, Colombia; 2Universidad Nacional de Colombia

The human wellness and the economy benefit in the society are based on natural systems which provide ecosystem services. That kinds of services are supported in local biophysical conditions, generating materials and energy fluxes. Thus, the services get an important value for the communities, but that value it is not easy to establish. The ecosystems and agroecosystems provide goods and services to society, this provision it is conditioned by different variables linked to relationships to natural and social process. This relation can influence the sustainability of agricultural production, food safety, and peasant families’ economies. The ecosystem services are low identified, quantified and valued; therefore they are not incorporated in an ecological, political and economic analysis. Consequently, it is relevant to define and theoretical and methodological approach including the integration of life cycle and system dynamics with the aim to contribute in the ecosystem services valorization derived from agro-ecological agreement in informal economies. In this paper, first, a review was carried out taking account a systematic search in an international database. Second, a conceptual framework was proposed, which take a count principles and the indicators of ecological economics, life cycle, and Agroecology. Third, based on causal loop cycles, which include social, ecological, political and economic variables, a system dynamic model was defined. Finally, a set of the indicators was identified in the life cycle of an agro-ecological agreement in Colombian context.