Session 8

Life-Cycle Inventory Databases as a Support for Sustainable Public Procurement: Opportunities in Brazil
Thiago Oliveira Rodrigues, Tiago Emmanuel Nunes Braga
Brazilian Institute of Science and Technology Information – Ibict, Brazil

Sustainability is consolidating as a key condition for decision making in several dimensions in Brazil. The environmental and social aspects of production processes and consumption have become determining factors in the acquisition of products and services. In this sense, since 2011, the Action Plan for Sustainable Production and Consumption (PPCS) has been developed. PPCS has the mission to promote sustainable production and consumption (SPC) in the country through policies, programs and direct actions, implying changes in national production and consumption patterns. One of the priorities of the PPCS is Sustainable Public Procurement (SPP). This theme reinforces the adoption of sustainability criteria for bidding processes in governmental procurement. Such criteria should focus on ensuring the reliability of environmental information of a product without compromising the righteousness of bidding process. In this context, the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) emerges as a methodology capable of ensuring the quality and transparency of the environmental data of national products. National banks can contribute in many ways to the sustainable purchasing process, either by providing environmental information about products or by setting guidelines for national production standards. Brazil has the National Database of Life Cycle Inventories (SICV Brazil), a system responsible for organizing, storing and disseminating standardized information on life cycle inventories (LCI) about Brazilian production. However, in order to SICV Brasil to contribute to sustainable public or private purchases, it is necessary to be in line with the country’s legal regulations, as well as to provide conditions for suppliers to compete in sales processes that take into account the environmental performance of products. The main objective of this research is to discuss the possibilities of contribution of the SICV Brazil to the maturation of SPP in the country.