Session 4

Multidimensional Sustainability Assessment for Megacities
Stanislav Edward Shmelev
Environment Europe, United Kingdom

Urban sustainability assessment is required for the purposes of establishing strategic directions for ‘greening’ our cities to reduce the environmental impact of their performance, improve employment and economic viability and enhance the quality of life. This chapter considers large world cities: London, New York, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Sao Paolo, Rio de Janeiro, Paris, Berlin, Singapore, Shanghai, Sydney and Tokyo. To assess urban sustainability performance, we applied multicriteria decision aid tools to compare the cities on the range of dimensions. The tools chosen for this assessment are ELECTRE III, NAIADE and APIS. The results have shown that Singapore dominates the sustainability rankings in most multicriteria applications, showing particular strength in economic and environmental dimensions and a slightly less strong performance in the social dimension according to the APIS results. The chapter explores innovative sustainability strategy and new governance structures in Singapore and discusses the reasons for such success.