Session 11

Accelerating the transition towards living well within the planetary boundaries
Andreas Hauser, Loa Buchli, Alexandra Strauss
Federal Office for the Environment FOEN (Switzerland), Switzerland

Why is the concept of the planetary boundaries of fundamental importance to all of us? It provides strong evidence what the restrictions of our planet Earth are. Facing and accepting the limited resources and the urgent need for focused common action gives us the window of opportunity to act upon the relevant fields and to develop our full potential as a country and as a global community.
In this presentation: 1/  We present the results of our research on footprints and planetary boundaries which reveal evidence of the need for a fundamental transformation, 2/ We outline options of making use of the concept of planetary boundaries by: o Initiating change through the creation of a critical mass of committed stakeholders; o Integrating planetary boundaries in policy decisions. Footprint analysis builds a basis for identifying priority areas such as nutrition/agriculture, mobility and housing; o Integrating planetary boundaries in the monitoring of progress towards SDGs (which is so far not systematically the case). O Integrating planetary boundaries in business strategies