Session 11

Education for Food Action
Marilyn Mehlmann, Carlos Oppe
Global Action Plan (GAP) International, Sweden

Arguably the most critical resource connected with lifestyle is food. The food regime is the biggest single contributor to climate change (and one of the hardest-hit sectors); it also presents a huge waste challenge, and is a cause of many health problems.
GAP International has developed and tested a behaviour-change program to support more sustainable eating habits, in English, German, Hungarian, Italian and Spanish. The pedagogy is based on well-tested principles but the application is new – and so is the reliance of the Spanish and English versions on delivery via internet, as well as the ‘marketing’ of the English version via social media.
The project concept was showcased in the exhibition at WRF 2016. Results from the five pilot projects will be compiled in July 2017 and presented for the first time at WRF 2017, by the international project manager.