Anne Scheinberg

Springloop Coöperatie U.A. - Netherlands, The

Dr. Anne Scheinberg has been active in recycling and sustainable waste management for nearly 40 years, 15 at WASTE in the Netherlands. An international action researcher, scholar and consultant, she is a pioneer in the creation and validation of systems for solid waste and inclusive recycling in emerging economies in Europe and Latin America. Her 2011 PhD dissertation, Value Added, Modes of Sustainable Recycling in the Modernisation of Waste Management Systems, articulates her vision of cities and regions with overlapping materials loops – a fore-runner of the circular economy. She is specialised in multi-country multi-disciplinary research, and two of the resulting publications won the ISWA publications prize: Solid Waste Management in the World’s Cities (2010) and Valuing Informal Integration, Inclusive Recycling in North Africa and the Middle East (2016).
Between 1982 and 1988, her first firm, Recourse Systems, pioneered integrated waste management technologies, policies, and institutions in the Northeastern USA, producing many of the first recycling and integrated waste management plans, including the Regional Recycling Strategy for Massachusetts and the Recycling and Solid Waste Plan for Tompkins County NY. 1n 1988 she emigrated to Europe and in 1999 began her “second career” in development co-operation and process facilitation. Her current research focuses on recycling metrics and inclusive high-performance systems for packaging, e-­waste, and re-usables.
Scheinberg is recognised in the global community of practice for being at the forefront of methodological approaches to bringing stakeholders together, improving data management, baseline analysis, benchmarking, and for inventing, piloting, and field-testing metrics, techniques, and institutional strategies for better waste management, inclusive recycling and the circular economy. She has applied these methodologies in user-pays systems, and participatory planning to the unique circumstances of emerging economies – ranging from Serbia to Colombia to India. She serves as a a resource to members of the global recyclers movement and contributes to formulation of plans and approaches to integrate informal recyclers into their host municipal waste management systems, to support professionalisation and improved recycling, and to evolve EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) systems so that they function in middle-income countries. She has taught colleagues on six continents how recycling dynamics have a beneficial effect on the total system of materials management, and her “little planning manual” – freely available — is in use in many countries. Between 2014 and 2016 Scheinberg and Ir. Paddy Noë of Jewel co-designed the Global Recycling Information Platform (GRIP), a real-time data registration and benchmarking platform for tracking materials movements in the service and value chains, and providing traceability. At this conference, Dr. Scheinberg will be looking for partners in a global study on recycling metrics, linked to improving the recycling metrics for GRIP.
Dr. Scheinberg has a research appointment at Antioch University, New Hampshire, USA, and at the University of Maastricht in the Netherlands. She lives in historic Zwolle, the Netherlands, with her husband, J.C.J. “Hans” Paalvast, with whom she co-founded the sustainability enterprise, Springloop Coöperatie U.A. in  2011.

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