Sanna Due Sjöström

bildSanna Due Sjöström, M.Sc,  has nearly 20 year`s experience from environmental governance and public adminstration at Swedish and Danish EPA`s and regional environmental boards in Sweden. The last ten years she has worked with waste management, waste prevention and sustainable consumption and been involved in national and EU strategic work in this area. In 2010 she initiated the Swedish liasion group SaMMa with actors from the Swedish food chain that works togehter to combat food waste. Since 2013 she is chair of the Nordic Council of Minister`s  waste group (NAG).  NAG`s goal is to help in the transition to a circular economy and green social development where the consumption of resources is decoupled from economic growth through improved resource efficiency and the prevention and recycling of waste. From January 2016 she starts working at UNDP as an expert on loan in a SEPA- UNDP collaboration project named ” Strengthening Human Rights and Rule of Law in Environmental Public Administration“.

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