Rossano Ercolini

rossanoRossano Ercolini is an Italian teacher and grassroots environmentalist. He is the President of the Zero Waste Research Center of Capannori (Italy). He is actively involved in waste management during 36 years. He is the coordinator of the Zero Waste Observatory of Capannori Municipality. He is the President of Zero Waste Europe and Zero Waste Italy. He was invited as a speaker in internationals meeting of the Zero Waste International Alliance: in Naples (2009), Puerto Princesa (Philippines, 2009), Florianopolis (Brazil, 2010) and San Diego (California, 2011), Vancouver (Canada-2014). He is the author of numerous articles on the Zero Waste strategy and author of the book “Non bruciamo il futuro” (2014). Rossano Eroclini is co-author with Paul Connett of the book “Rifiuti Zero: una rivoluzione in corso” (2012).

He was awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize in 2013, in particular for his efforts on informing the public on health and environmental risks of incineration, and for his advocating for the zero waste principles.

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