Prof. Tomás Martínez Baldares

Technological Institute of Costa Rica (ITCR) / San José Historical Centre Program - Costa Rica

Martínez BaldaresTomás Martínez Baldares is an architect  graduated from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana of Bogotá (Colombia) 1996. He obtained his Master in Urban Design from the Universidad de Costa Rica (2001)  and  Central American Specialization Course on Urban Land Policieis, fom the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy (2009). Professor of Central American Cultural Landscapes Course of Central American Masters in Management and Conservation of the Patrimony , Universidad  Politécnica  Valencia, España –  Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica (2009-2012). He Currently teaches in  Urban and Land Use Planning Professor, (levels 8 to 10) in the Architecture School,  Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica  TEC (2004-2016). He has been a consultant for the National Plan of Urban Development, (PNDU), sponsored by the Costa Rican government. In this project, his focus is on the process of identification of urban models of both nacional and local reach (2001-2003). He work as  Executive Secretary of the National Urban Development Plan (2013-2015) . Update on current and formalized plan Greater Metropolitan Regional Urban Plan (2013-2030). It is a plan of territorial urban ordering at regional level that covers 31 municipalities, It defines the great structure axes, like the road connectivity, the protection of areas of environmental interest, the ground regime, the policies to  growth and expansion of the GAM; and the regional infrastructures. In 2009 he published his book “New trends of new towns”. He has published reports for United Nations  and a paper of process development GAM between 1985-2015  in “The State of the Nation 2015”. He currently is in charge of two agreements between TEC with San José Municipality to Historic Center and the Transport Ministry of transport for urban insertion and urban design  of  rapid bus transit project en metropolitan San José Area.

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