Prof. Martin Charter

Centre for Sustainable Design - UK

CharterProfessor Martin Charter, Director, The Centre for Sustainable Design®, University for the Creative Arts (UCA), UK Martin has worked at director level on business sustainability issues in consultancy, leisure, publishing, training, events and research for over 25 years. Prior to this he held in a range of management positions in strategy, research and marketing in gardening, building products, trade exhibitions, financial services and consultancy including Save & Prosper Group, Reed International, Creative Marketing Group and Kiveton Park (Holdings) Ltd. Martin was the launch Director of Greenleaf Publishing, Marketing Director at the Earth Centre, former director of regional business networks focused on sustainable business, green electronics and eco-innovation. Martin has been Director of The Centre Sustainable Design ® at the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) since 1996 where he has led a range of international, national and regional research, consultancy and training programmes focused on product sustainability and sustainable innovation. At UCA, he is also co-chair of a high level cross-university sustainability working group. Martin was the founding editor of the Journal of Sustainable Product Design, The Green Management Letter and Greener Management International (GMI) and is presently a member of the Editorial Boards of International Journals of Sustainable Engineering and Sustainable Design. Martin has been a member of international/national/regional advisory boards covering green electronics, environmental technology, sustainability reporting & sustainable innovation (e.g. for P&G and InterfaceFlor in Europe). He sat on the expert boards of the EC Eco-Innovation Observatory and the World Resources Forum. Martin he a member of BSI Circular Economy steering board and was past chairman of ISO 14006 (eco-design management systems) and previous UK expert to both ISO and BSI groups on ISO TR 14062 (eco-design).

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