Prof. Alicia Jimenez

University for Peace - Costa Rica

JimenezAlicia Jimenez has been working in conservation and sustainable development field since 1998, after she graduated as a biologist from the University of Costa Rica.  She worked several years in IUCN Mesoamerica’s Regional Office and then started a professional services co-op called Coopesolidar, based in San Jose, Costa Rica.  In both places, she did extensive field work in community-conservation projects, and environmental education processes, in Costa Rica and occasionally in other Central American countries. In 2002, she moved to USA to study in an MSc program on Resource Development in Michigan State University. Back in Costa Rica, she worked at the National University of Costa Rica, as a researcher and lecturer. This University is a strong partner of the Earth Charter Initiative. In 2006 she joined the Earth Charter International Secretariat, and is in charge of promoting as widely as possible the Earth Charter, especially in Latin America, Africa, Middle East and Asia Pacific.  In addition, she is involved with the Secretariat’s projects on education for sustainable development.  In this sense, she has facilitated many workshops and lectures, in ESD conferences.  She has also written articles and case studies about best practices in values based education for sustainable development. 


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