Tatiana Prias Mahecha

Universidad El Bosque -, Colombia

Tatiana Prias Mahecha is environmental engienieer from El Bosque University de Bogotá, Colombia, where had a thesis laureate about eco-efficiency in a dairy value chain of Bogotá. She has leaded and participated differents programmes in topics of food safety, renewable energy and sustainable building for vulnerble comunnities in Colombia, as volunteer in the ONG Catalina Muñóz, an organization organization that unites forces and resources to change the reality of families living in extreme poverty. Also, she has created spaces of youth participation and environmental education by the Red Nacional Jóvenes de Ambiente (RNJA), an environmental youth organization that articulates actions to promove of social change about the perception, prevention and solving of environmental problematics throughout the country. At the moment she works as environmental engenieer in the consultant Company ENINCO S.A, in the formulation of watersheds ordination and management plans. Also dedicate to improve her level of english and the researching in the fields of Life Cycle Assesment (LCA), ecoeficiency and fair trade.

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